Druid connector#

The Druid connector allows querying an Apache Druid database from Trino.


To connect to Druid, you need:

  • Druid version 0.18.0 or higher.

  • Network access from the Trino coordinator and workers to your Druid broker. Port 8082 is the default port.


Create a catalog properties file that specifies the Druid connector by setting the connector.name to druid and configuring the connection-url with the JDBC string to connect to Druid.

For example, to access a database as druiddb, create the file etc/catalog/druiddb.properties. Replace BROKER:8082 with the correct host and port of your Druid broker.


You can add authentication details to connect to a Druid deployment that is secured by basic authentication by updating the URL and adding credentials:


Now you can access your Druid database in Trino with the druiddb catalog name from the properties file.

SQL support#

The connector provides globally available and read operation statements to access data and metadata in the Druid database.