Deploying with Kubernetes#

Kubernetes (k8s) provides a very powerful and flexible deployment and runtime system for Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP).

Our documentation covers all aspects of creating and operating the cluster and connecting to it:

Getting started: Overview, requirements and installation#

Our Kubernetes overview and requirements pages contain the information you need to plan for a deployment and subsequent updates:

  • Required and optional Helm charts

  • Cluster design, sizing and scaling

  • Repositories and access requirements

  • Required tools

Configuring your cluster: SEP, Ranger and Hive metastore Helm charts#

The SEP Helm chart defaults to a cluster with one coordinator and two worker nodes. There are no catalogs for remote data sources or security configured by default. Data source formats and usage and security infrastructure vary widely from company to company. Start with a simple configuration to get a minimal SEP running in your cluster, and then tweak the configuration and deploy updates iteratively until you have everything configured as desired:

  • Required: SEP Helm chart for images, security, coordinator and worker nodes, as well as catalogs, mounted volumes and other properties

  • Optional: Apache Ranger integration including the Starburst plugin, policy database and everything you need to integrate Ranger with SEP

  • Optional: Apache Hive metastore

Before you begin configuring security for your cluster, we suggest taking our video training on securing SEP, which covers topics such as client to server encryption, authentication and authorization, internal communications and Hive catalog security. Or you can start by reading our Security overview.

Running and using SEP: Operation, administration and querying data#

Our cluster operations guide gives you advice on the tools you need to run, connect to and query your cluster.

Additionally, your cluster users can read about how to connect their tools to SEP, as well as take advantage of our training videos on advanced SQL and query performance.

Finding Starburst Enterprise in your favorite ecosystem#

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) is available for deployment with Helm charts in popular ecosystems. To learn more, visit our convenient getting started guides:

Learn about Starburst's ecosystem offerings!