Release 356-e LTS (10 May 2021)#

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) 356-e is the follow up release to the 355-e STS release and the 350-e LTS release.

This release is a long term support (LTS) release.

The 350-e release includes all improvements from the following Trino project releases:

It contains all improvements from the Starburst Enterprise releases since 350-e LTS:

Highlights since 350-e#

Breaking changes#

This release includes no breaking changes since the 355-e release. However like 354-e and all future SEP releases, it is based on Trino. It is therefore the first LTS release based on Trino.

All breaking changes from 354-e and the tips from the migration guide apply. It is important that you review these if you are upgrading from 350-e or an earlier release.

356-e initial changes#

The following changes from 356-e.0 and 356-e.1 are all part of the first public release.




Delta Lake connector#

  • Add support for write operations

  • Improve predicate pushdown for the Parquet reader by using Parquet file statistics to read only the files and row groups that contain relevant data for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries.

Elasticsearch connector#

  • Added backpressure (HTTP 429 status) handling

Kafka connector#

  • Add OAuth 2.0 token pass-through

Snowflake connector#

  • Support for using the distributed connector with Azure object storage

  • Add OAuth 2.0 token pass-through

SQL Server connector#

  • Add password credential pass-through

Synapse connector#

  • Add Active Directory password authentication and credential pass-through

  • Add password credential pass-through

Teradata connectors#

  • Improve error message when query used in query pass-through is invalid.

  • Add support for CREATE TABLE WITH primary index.

  • Mask value of teradata-parallel-direct.https.keystore.password in log file writing.

Teradata Direct connector#

  • Use transmission statistics to calculate table statistics in SEP for Teradata views.

  • Add support for running connector on Kubernetes.

356-e.1 changes (14 May 2021)#

  • Mask value of teradata-parallel-direct.https.keystore.password in log file writing.

  • Add support for epoch milliseconds exposed as String in the Elasticsearch connector.

  • Support Databricks replace table with schema change in Delta Lake connector.

  • Validate ORC ACID version base on data file metadata as a fallback.

356-e.2 was skipped

356-e.3 changes (11 Jun 2021)#

  • Correct how delete markers are interpreted for ORC ACID tables in Hive connector, so SEP is not filtering out extraneous rows for certain tables.

  • Fix query failure when reading from a non-ORC insert-only transactional table in Hive connector.

  • Fix incorrect results when accessing BigQuery records with wrong index in BigQuery connector.

  • Fix query failures when accessing the information_schema table in Delta Lake connector.

  • Fix table statistics collection in the Teradata connector.

  • Fix reading Snowflake exported data from Azure WASB in >4MB chunks in Snowflake connector.

  • Add support for object mapping defined in JSON file to SQL Server connector.

356-e.4 was skipped

356-e.5 changes (23 Jun 2021)#

  • Delta Lake connector: Fix query failure after table location changed in the metastore.