Authentication types#

Trino supports multiple authentication types to ensure all users of the system are authenticated. Different authenticators allow user management in one or more systems. Using TLS is required for all authentications types.

You can configure one or more authentication types with the http-server.authentication.type property. The following authentication types and authenticators are available:

Get started with a basic password authentication configuration backed by a password file:


Multiple authentication types#

You can use multiple authentication types, separated with commas in the configuration:


Authentication is performed in order of the entries, and first successful authentication results in access, using the mapped user from that authentication method.

Multiple password authenticators#

You can use multiple password authenticator types by referencing multiple configuration files:


In the preceding example, the configuration files and are regular LDAP authenticator configuration files. The is a password file authenticator configuration file.

Relative paths to the installation directory or absolute paths can be used.

User authentication credentials are first validated against the LDAP server from ldap1, then the separate server from ldap2, and finally the password file. First successful authentication results in access, and no further authenticators are called.