API authentication tokens #

The API authentication token management pane is available at API auth token in the Access control section of the navigation panel. It allows you to generate tokens to use with the Starburst Galaxy API

Use Generate new token to start creating a new token.

List of tokens #

The table of tokens displays all relevant information about existing and any newly generated tokens:

Client ID

The generated unique identifier for your Starburst Galaxy account and specific API token.


A brief description of the specific token.

Assigned role

Name of the role assigned to the token. The role determines the privileges granted to the token, and therefore the actions and endpoints of the API that can be successfully invoked.


The state of the token. Either Active and therefore ready to be used with the API, or Revoked and no longer active or available for usage.


The date and timestamp when the token was created.

Last access

The date and timestamp when the token was last used.

Revoke access

Displays a button to revoke an active token, and therefore change the status so it can no longer be used.

Create a token #

  1. Press Generate new token to start creating a new API authentication token.

  2. Provide a Description for the token, to allow you to identify the token and the use of the token in the list after creation.

  3. Select the Role drop-down to assign a role to the token. This grants privileges to the token, and therefore defines which API endpoints can be called successfully.

  4. Enter an optional description to help you identify this token’s use, then press Create key.

  5. On the next pane, be sure to copy the Secret key and store it for later use with the API. The Client ID and the client secret values are automatically generated.

  6. Confirm that you saved the secret key, then press Save.

Use the new token to access the API.

Disable a token #

You can disable a token, and therefore prevent further usage of the API for a specific Client ID by pressing Revoke for the specific row in the list of tokens.