Users #

There are two ways usernames can be granted permission to log into Starburst Galaxy:

  • Direct access, maintained in Galaxy.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) access, maintained in an external identity provider. See Single sign-on and Single sign-on overview for a discussion of SSO access.

Users assigned to the accountadmin role can add usernames to Galaxy’s internal direct access list.

Direct access users #

The Users pane of the Access control navigation menu is where you can create new users, and view and manage all configured users in your Starburst Galaxy account.

Add a new user #

Follow these steps to add a user and assign roles:

  1. Navigate to the Account section of the left-side menu.

  2. Expand the Access control menu, then select Users to display a list of all configured users in your Starburst Galaxy account. Use the edit icon on the left of each row to edit or delete the user.

  3. Click the Add user button to add a user.

  4. In the Add user dialog, enter an email address in the Email field. The email address serves as a login username.

  5. Expand the Roles field, then select the role for the new user.

  6. Expand the Assign default roles field, then select a default role.

      Create new user screetshot

The new user receives an email notification with an invitation link to set up a Starburst Galaxy account.

Use the Starburst Galaxy access control system to restrict and control access of all users.

Find users #

Use the search bar to find users in your Starburst Galaxy account.

Use the sort function beside the column names to organize users by email, roles, last login, or creation date.

  Search users section

Edit users #

You can assign users to a new role, unassign a user from a role, or delete a user in the edit pane.

  • To access the edit pane, click or, to open the same edit pane from the options menu, click , then Edit user.
  • To assign a role to a user, expand the menu in the Assign roles field, then select a role. Directly assigned roles are shown directly, while inherited roles appear separately and are derived from the assigned roles automatically.
  • Click Unassign to remove a user from a role.
  • Click to remove a user from Starburst Galaxy.

      Edit users dialog

Change owner #

Every user is owned by a role. Change the owner of a user with the following steps:

  • Click to access the options menu, then select Change owner from the drop-down menu.
  • Expand the menu in the New Owner field of the change owner dialog, then select a role for the owner.
  • Click Change owner.

      Change owner window

  • Click Change in the Confirmation window.

      Change owner confirmation window

Delete user #

To delete a user from Starburst Galaxy:

  • Click to access the options menu, then select Delete user user from the drop-down menu.

      Edit users pop up menu

  • Click Yes, delete in the Delete user window.

      Delete user confirmation window