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  • Usage and billing #

    The Usage and billing section allows you to manage billing information, and displays statistical information about the usage of clusters in your Starburst Galaxy.

    Billing is based on usage, and your plan and pricing for Starburst credits.

    Overview #

    You can configure to use Direct billing or Marketplace billing in the Overview tab. In all cases the charges are consumption-based.

    Direct billing #

    Direct billing means that you receive a separate bills for Starburst Galaxy from Starburst.

    Marketplace billing #

    Marketplace billing means that you are charged for Starburst Galaxy by the supported cloud infrastructure providers and their marketplace billing system. This means that your Starburst Galaxy costs are potentially a line item in your larger invoices from the providers.

    Usage #

    The Usage tab displays charts and tables detailing cluster usage. By default, the tab shows usage statistics for all clusters over the last month. You can narrow the cluster usage details shown by selecting individual clusters and/or by changing the date range.

    Summary shows the total number of credits used and the accumulated running time for all clusters in the current month.

    Image of the usage details summary

    Usage details shows a visual breakdown of usage by cluster. By default, Galaxy displays a line chart summary of the past month’s credit usage for selected clusters. Click Daily usage to view a bar chart depicting your clusters’ daily credit usage.

    Image of the usage details chart

    Beneath the chart is a summary of the total Uptime and the number of Credits used for all clusters. Click Download to download your cluster usage data as a CSV file.

    Billing #

    The Billing tab shows details for your configured invoicing and billing setup.