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  • Help center #

    Starburst Galaxy provides direct access to Starburst’s support resources through its embedded chat app.

    Chat app #

    Get help directly from Starburst in the Starburst Galaxy UI by using our chat app. You can use the app to get answers to frequently asked questions, chat with a support agent, and search our knowledge base.

    Our chat bot is available 24/7 to provide quick answers to common questions. There are two ways to initiate a chat with our bot:

    • Click the Help icon in Starburst Galaxy’s banner, then select Chat with us.
    • Click the chat app icon that floats in the lower right corner.

        Chat app icon

    For personalized assistance, contact our support team through the chat app.

    With the chat bot open, look for three icons at the bottom, which have the following meanings:


    The home page provides links to the messages page, to Starburst Galaxy’s status page, and to Starburst Galaxy’s documentation.


    The messages pane shows a log of all your messages and interactions with the chat bot. To speak with an agent, click Send us a message.


    Use this pane if you prefer self-service. Type your inquiries in the search bar to query our knowledge base.