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  • Delete an SSO provider #

    If the current Starburst Galaxy account already has an SSO identity provider configured and you want to reinstall or replace it, click Delete single sign-on and type DELETE in the confirmation dialog.

      Delete single sign-on

      Delete single sign-on

    Requirements and Consequences #

    Deleting a configured SSO is meant to be a rare event, unless you are experimenting with SSO configurations on a test Starburst Galaxy account.

    Be aware of the requirements and consequences of deleting an SSO configuration:

    • The user disabling SSO must have accountadmin privileges.

    • The user disabling SSO should not be logged in via SSO at the time of deletion.

    • The user disabling SSO must be able to log in to Galaxy with a non-SSO account and password and must be logged in with that account when deleting an SSO configuration.

    • Following from the point above, it requires that at least one non-SSO login account and password must be known working before attempting SSO deletion.

    • In addition to removing the SSO configuration itself, SSO deletion also performs these actions:

      • All groups and roles assigned to those groups are deleted.

      • All SSO users who do not currently have a direct Galaxy login account with a password set are deleted, along with their role assignments and passwords.

      • All roles associated with groups or SSO users are deleted.