Regular expression function properties#

All properties described in this page are defined as follows, depending on the deployment type:

  • Kubernetes: In the additionalProperties section of the the top-level coordinator and worker nodes in the values.yaml file.

  • Starburst Admin: In the files/coordinator/ and files/worker/ files.

These properties allow tuning the Regular expression functions.


  • Type: string

  • Allowed values: JONI, RE2J

  • Default value: JONI

Which library to use for regular expression functions. JONI is generally faster for common usage, but can require exponential time for certain expression patterns. RE2J uses a different algorithm, which guarantees linear time, but is often slower.


  • Type: integer

  • Minimum value: 2

  • Default value: 2147483647

The maximum number of states to use when RE2J builds the fast, but potentially memory intensive, deterministic finite automaton (DFA) for regular expression matching. If the limit is reached, RE2J falls back to the algorithm that uses the slower, but less memory intensive non-deterministic finite automaton (NFA). Decreasing this value decreases the maximum memory footprint of a regular expression search at the cost of speed.


  • Type: integer

  • Minimum value: 0

  • Default value: 5

The number of times that RE2J retries the DFA algorithm, when it reaches a states limit before using the slower, but less memory intensive NFA algorithm, for all future inputs for that search. If hitting the limit for a given input row is likely to be an outlier, you want to be able to process subsequent rows using the faster DFA algorithm. If you are likely to hit the limit on matches for subsequent rows as well, you want to use the correct algorithm from the beginning so as not to waste time and resources. The more rows you are processing, the larger this value should be.