Cloudera Data Platform support#

Use the Starburst Hive connector to query Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) version 7.1 or higher.


The Cloudera Data Platform support requires a valid Starburst Enterprise license.


The Starburst Hive connector can query the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) using version 7.1 or higher. Cloudera Distributed Hadoop (CDH) 6.x and earlier are not supported.


  • Edit your catalog properties file using the Hive connector

  • Set the metastore to use thrift-cdp7.

  • Configure the URI to point to your Hive metastore Thrift service

SQL support#

When using the Starburst Hive connector with Cloudera Data Platform, the following aspects apply in addition to the available SQL support:

Reading data#

CDP support includes read operations on the following tables:

  • compacted tables

  • bucketed tables

  • partitioned tables

  • unpartitioned tables

The following file formats can be read:

  • Avro

  • CSV


  • Parquet

  • RCFile

Writing data#

Write operations, such as INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE, on ORC ACID tables are not supported.