Release 0.208-e#

Update 0.1#

General changes#

  • Introduce cost-based plan optimizations.


  • Support prepared statements that are longer than 4K bytes.

  • Fix timeout issue when getting stats on large number of partitions.

  • Improve statistics estimation for filter expressions

  • Fix data loss when writing bucketed sorted tables. Partitions would be missing arbitrary rows if any of the temporary files for a bucket had the same size. The numRows partition property contained the correct number of rows and can be used to detect if this occurred.

  • Update docs with memory-related configs introduced in 0.201

  • Fix EXPLAIN ANALYZE for index join

Hive connector changes#

  • Implement ROLE management support.

  • Allow partitions without files for bucketed tables (via hive.empty-bucketed-partitions.enabled).

  • Allow multiple files per bucket for bucketed tables (via hive.multi-file-bucketing.enabled). There must be one or more files per bucket. File names must match the Hive naming convention.

  • Allow reading incompletely bucketed tables with missing files (via hive.empty-bucketed-partitions.enabled).

  • Add support for Azure Blob Storage

  • Add support for Azure Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS)

  • Fix multi-file buckets when Presto does the insert

  • Support creating Avro tables with a custom schema using the avro_schema_url table property.

  • Support backward compatible Avro schema evolution.

  • Fix reading when Hadoop KMS is enabled

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, and SQL Server changes#

  • Allow for predicate pushdown of DECIMAL and CHAR predicates

Kafka connector changes#

  • Support Avro formatted Kafka messages.

  • Support backward compatible Avro schema evolution.

Security changes#

  • Secured internal cluster communication over HTTPS using Kerberos or LDAP authentication.

  • Add support for cross-realm Kerberos authentication

Update 0.2#

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, and SQL Server changes#

  • Do not push down predicate for not supported domain.

Update 0.3#

General changes#

  • Flip the default value of deprecated.legacy-char-to-varchar-coercion property to true so that CHAR to VARCHAR implicit coercion is allowed (and not the opposite). This returns the code to the state from Presto version 0.206.

  • Fix unaccounted memory usage in broadcast join in source stage.

Hive connector changes#

  • Fix table statistics retrieval for column with single distinct value.

Update 0.4#

General changes#

  • Improve inference of predicates for inner joins

Hive connector changes#

  • Fix table statistics retrieval for column with null count equal to -1.

  • Add support for writing to tables located in HDFS encryption zones.

  • Add support for Avro tables with Avro schema url being an HDFS location.

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, and SQL Server changes#

  • Support schemas, tables and columns with names that are upper- or mixed-case.

Update 0.5#

General changes#

  • Add toggle for limiting automatically broadcast table size

Hive connector changes#

  • Improve error reporting from SerDe.

Memory connector changes#

  • Improve memory connector pages size accounting

Web UI changes#

  • Fix protocol for redirects from / to /ui.

Update 0.6#

General changes#

  • Add Generic JDBC connector

  • Fix bug where the vague error Query gone(server restarted?) was being propagated to clients instead of actual Exception message.

  • Add spill to disk for OrderBy

  • Add spill to disk for WindowOperator

  • Fix potential infinite yield in distributed sort and spill to disk for aggregations

  • Improve statistics computations for SMALLINT, TINYINT and VARBINARY literals

  • Add feature and session toggles for “top N row number” optimization

Hive connector changes#

  • Fix query failure when querying partitioned Avro table with very long column type definition.

Security changes#

  • Support refreshing of FileBasedAccessControl and FileBasedSystemAccessControl with an optional property security.refresh-period.

Update 0.7#

General changes#

  • Fix bug where SHOW CURRENT ROLES returned incorrect results from CLI.

Update 0.8#

Hive connector changes#

  • Add a tool for recording Hive Metastore API calls

Update 0.9#

Hive connector changes#

  • Add support for CUSTOM access token provider in Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS).

Update 0.10#

General changes#

  • Add http-client.request-buffer-size configuration property to make HTTP request client buffer size configurable.

  • Add http-client.response-buffer-size configuration property to make HTTP response client buffer size configurable.

Hive connector changes#

  • Support CSV table storage format.

Update 0.12#

General changes#

  • Add CloudWatch Logs compatible logger.