Release 315 (14 Jun 2019)#


  • Fix incorrect results when dividing certain decimal numbers. (#958)

  • Add support for FETCH FIRST ... WITH TIES syntax. (#832)

  • Add locality awareness to default split scheduler. (#680)

  • Add format() function. (#548)

Server RPM#

  • Require JDK version 8u161+ during installation, which is the version the server requires. (#983)


  • Fix alignment of nulls for numeric columns in aligned output format. (#871)

Hive connector#

  • Fix regression in partition pruning for certain query shapes. (#984)

  • Correctly identify EMRFS as S3 when deciding to use a temporary location for writes. (#935)

  • Allow creating external tables on S3 even if the location does not exist. (#935)

  • Add support for UTF-8 ORC bloom filters. (#914)

  • Add support for DATE, TIMESTAMP and REAL in ORC bloom filters. (#967)

  • Disable usage of old, non UTF-8, ORC bloom filters for VARCHAR and CHAR. (#914)

  • Allow logging all calls to Hive Thrift metastore service. This can be enabled by turning on DEBUG logging for io.prestosql.plugin.hive.metastore.thrift.ThriftHiveMetastoreClient. (#946)

MongoDB connector#

  • Fix query failure when ROW with an ObjectId field is used as a join key. (#933)

  • Add cast from ObjectId to VARCHAR. (#933)


  • Allow connectors to provide view definitions. ConnectorViewDefinition now contains the real view definition rather than an opaque blob. Connectors that support view storage can use the JSON representation of that class as a stable storage format. The JSON representation is the same as the previous opaque blob, thus all existing view definitions will continue to work. (#976)

  • Add getView() method to ConnectorMetadata as a replacement for getViews(). The getViews() method now exists only as an optional method for connectors that can efficiently support bulk retrieval of views and has a different signature. (#976)


These are backwards incompatible changes with the previous SPI. If you have written a connector that supports views, you will need to update your code before deploying this release.