Release 339 (21 Jul 2020)#


  • Add approx_most_frequent(). (#3425)

  • Physical bytes scan limit for queries can be configured via query.max-scan-physical-bytes configuration property and query_max_scan_physical_bytes session property. (#4075)

  • Remove support for addition and subtraction between TIME and INTERVAL YEAR TO MONTH types. (#4308)

  • Fix planning failure when join criteria contains subqueries. (#4380)

  • Fix failure when subquery appear in window function arguments. (#4127)

  • Fix failure when subquery in WITH clause contains hidden columns. (#4423)

  • Fix failure when referring to type names with different case in a GROUP BY clause. (#2960)

  • Fix failure for queries involving DISTINCT when expressions in ORDER BY clause differ by case from expressions in SELECT clause. (#4233)

  • Fix incorrect type reporting for TIMESTAMP and TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE for legacy clients. (#4408)

  • Fix failure when querying nested TIMESTAMP or TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE for legacy clients. (#4475, #4425)

  • Fix failure when parsing timestamps with time zone with an offset of the form +NNNN. (#4490)

JDBC driver#

  • Fix reading TIMESTAMP and TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE values with a negative year or a year higher than 9999. (#4364)

  • Fix incorrect column size metadata for TIMESTAMP and TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE types. (#4411)

  • Return correct value from ResultSet.getDate(), ResultSet.getTime() and ResultSet.getTimestamp() methods when session zone is set to a different zone than the default zone of the JVM the JDBC is run in. The previous behavior can temporarily be restored using useSessionTimeZone JDBC connection parameter. (#4017)

Druid connector#

  • Fix handling of table and column names containing non-ASCII characters. (#4312)

Hive connector#

  • Make location parameter optional for the system.register_partition procedure. (#4443)

  • Avoid creating tiny splits at the end of block boundaries. (#4485)

  • Remove requirement to configure in Hive 3.x metastore to let Presto access CSV tables. (#4457)

  • Fail query if there are bucket files outside of the bucket range. Previously, these extra files were skipped. (#4378)

  • Fix a query failure when reading from Parquet file containing real or double NaN values, if the file was written by a non-conforming writer. (#4267)

Kafka connector#

  • Add insert support for Avro. (#4418)

  • Add insert support for CSV. (#4287)

Kudu connector#

  • Add support for grouped execution. It can be enabled with the kudu.grouped-execution.enabled configuration property or the grouped_execution session property. (#3715)

MongoDB connector#

  • Allow querying Azure Cosmos DB. (#4415)

Oracle connector#

  • Allow providing credentials via the connection-user and connection-password configuration properties. These properties were previously ignored if connection pooling was enabled. (#4430)

Phoenix connector#

  • Fix handling of row key definition with white space. (#3251)


  • Allow connectors to wait for dynamic filters before splits are generated via the new DynamicFilter object passed to ConnectorSplitManager.getSplits(). (#4224)