Release 360-e LTS (16 Aug 2021)#

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) 360-e is the follow up release to the 359-e STS release and the 356-e LTS release.

This release is a long term support (LTS) release.

The 360-e release includes all improvements from the following Trino project releases:

It contains all improvements from the Starburst Enterprise releases since 356-e LTS:

Highlights since 356-e#

  • ARM64 and AWS Graviton support

  • Add support for Oracle and MySQL as backing RBDMS for Insights

Breaking changes since 356-e#

The breaking changes from 359-e for Hive connector name, Java version, and discovery URL apply.

The breaking change from 358-e for the JDBC driver applies.

As any release since 354-e, this release is based on Trino and the information in the migration guide needs to be taken into account.

360-e initial changes#

The following changes from 360-e.0, 360-e.1, and 360-e.2 are all part of the first public release.


  • Add integration with Apache Atlas.

  • Add new Starburst DynamoDB connector.

  • Starburst Insights

    • Add multiple tab support in Query editor.

    • Extend date filters in Usage metrics.

    • Add estimated cost control in Usage metrics.

    • Extended usage metrics data with additional dimensions, like node environment, version, and instance id.

    • Add automatic upload of usage metrics data to Starburst


Delta Lake connector#

  • Improve read performance for Parquet files

  • Add ANALYZE support

  • Add support for table scan redirection

Hive connector#

  • Improve read performance for Parquet files

  • Improve effectiveness of dynamic filtering

Greenplum connector#

  • Fix incorrect incorrect pushdown of large dynamic filters as range predicates on char and varchar columns for JDBC connectors where the remote database is case-insensitive or follows a different sort ordering for letters from Trino

MySQL connector#

  • Add support for authentication with AWS IAM

Netezza connector#

  • Add support for table scan redirection

PostgreSQL connector#

  • Add support for authentication with AWS IAM

Salesforce connector#

  • Expose Salesforce API usage and limits in system information

Teradata connector#

  • Fix queries failing with No nodes available to run query

360-e.3 changes (7 Sep 2021)#

  • Fix invalid result when two decimals are added together. This happened in certain queries where decimals had different precision.

  • Fix incorrect result when using the BigQuery TIME type.

  • Fix incorrect results for queries with a comparison between a VARCHAR column and a CHAR constant.

  • Fix query failure when inserting data into a Hive ACID table that is not explicitly bucketed.

  • Fix Sentry access control incorrectly assigning roles from the local system instead of LDAP.

  • Improve performance of updating Glue table statistics for partitioned tables.

  • Change default Glue statistics read/write parallelism from 1 to 5.

  • Stop writing the CData OEM key to server logs when the Salesforce connector is configured with an invalid connection URL.

  • Fix an “Overflow detected” error message when compressing incompressible data with ZSTD.

360-e.4 was skipped

360-e.5 changes (22 Sep 2021)#

  • Fix incorrect results of BigQuery parameterized NUMERIC type.

  • Fix locking of non-partitioned transactional tables.

  • Fix reading Delta Lake multipart checkpoints.

  • Support case insensitive name matching to BigQuery views.

  • Fix security vulnerability in Okta authentication.

360-e.6 changes (13 Oct 2021)#

  • UPDATE now supports subqueries in SET assignments.

  • Add support for deprecated BITPACKING encoding for nulls in Parquet flat readers.

  • Fix failure in WITH RECURSIVE CTE.

  • Fix infinte loop in optimizer.

  • Fix UPDATE with multiple identical values.

  • Fix failure for queries containing ORDER BY ... LIMIT when columns in the subquery are known to be constant.

  • Fix QueryResult returns empty results for retries.

  • Fix incorrect result for comparisons between zero-valued decimals.

360-e.7 changes (24 Nov 2021)#

  • Re-enable aggregation pushdown for Redshift tables with diststyle AUTO(ALL)/ALL.

  • Fix incorrect results for queries with nested joins and IS NOT DISTINCT join clauses.

  • Upgrade Prometheus JMX Exporter to 0.16.1

  • Update to Privacera Platform version

  • Fix for LongDecimal divide sign.

  • Fix for failure when validating pre-sorted input properties.

  • Fix incorrect DST result from Redshift TIMESTAMP type.

  • Add search string escape enable/disable switch in configuration for generic JDBC connector.

360-e.8 changes (17 Dec 2021)#

  • Fix deletion without predicate from a transactional table that has original uncompacted files.

  • Fix failure when a schema is dropped during listing tables from BigQuery.

  • Fix connection leak for INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations in the Delta Lake connector.

  • Fix predicate pushdown with expressions using REAL types for MySQL, SingleStore and ClickHouse connectors.

  • Fix treatment of date values before 1582-10-14 in the Greenplum connector.

  • Remove unused log4j dependency from SEP to avoid false alarms about Log4Shell.

  • Upgrade log4j in Ranger Admin to version 2.16.0 to mitigate Log4Shell.

  • Disable support for ALTER VIEW ... SET AUTHORIZATION statement.

360-e.9 changes (23 Feb 2022)#

  • Fix data corruption when multiple queries DELETE from, INSERT into, or UPDATE a Delta Lake table.

  • Fix incorrect date result the value is <= 1582-10-14 in MySQL, SingleStore, and PostgreSQL.

  • Migrate Docker image for Starburst Cache Service to UBI8 minimal base image.

  • Fix query scheduling regression introduced in Trino 360 that caused coordinator slowness in assigning splits to workers.

  • Fix duplicated binding error when using JWT and OAuth2 authentication methods simultaneously.

360-e.10 changes (18 Mar 2022)#

  • Fix query failures due to exhausted file system resources after DELETE or UPDATE.

360-e.11 changes (25 Apr 2022)#

  • Fix CVE-2022-23848 in Alluxio client.

  • Fix RPM to include MapR Hive. libraries.

  • Fix failure of the sync_partition_metadata procedure when partition names differ from partition paths on the file system.

  • Fix query failure when selecting partition when the name corresponds with a reserved keyword.

  • Fix SHOW TABLES failure when hive.hide-delta-lake-tables is enabled, and the Glue metastore contains metadata about the table without properties.

360-e.12 changes (20 May 2022)#

  • Ignore non-redirected, non-Delta Lake tables or views when querying information_schema.columns.

  • Add support to the Hive connector for date type partition names with timestamp formatting.

360-e.13 was skipped.

360-e.14 changes (1 Jul 2022)#

  • Fix typo in the configuration property name to remove an unsupported underscore and replace it with the appropriate dash DELEGATED-OAUTH2.

  • Fix sync_partition_metadata procedure failure when table has a large number of partitions.

  • Fix incorrect results for queries where aggregation is pushed down for a remote database to execute and the aggregation function result is not needed to evaluate the query. Applies to the ClickHouse, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and SingleStore connectors.

  • Avoid errors when attempting to query tables that exist in multiple Snowflake databases with role impersonation enabled. The errors were a result of multiple tables matching the same schema/table name.

360-e.15 changes (1 Aug 2022)#

Important: In this release, we’ve patched a bug that causes the potential for incorrect results from certain queries that have had joins reordered in specific ways, in combination with certain data. A small percentage of queries are affected, but due to the complexity of the conditions that trigger the bug, it is not possible to predict which queries will be affected and thus we recommend that _all_ customers upgrade all clusters.

  • Fix incorrect results for certain join queries containing filters involving explicit or implicit casts.

  • Add Varbinary handling to Kafka Protobuf deserializer.

  • Fix incorrect query results when reading a Delta Lake table with a cached representation of its active data files that are outdated.

  • Fix certain complex queries that involve joins and aggregations.

  • Fix incorrect results when using the Glue metastore and queries contain IS NULL with additional filters. Applicable to Hive, Iceberg, and Delta connectors.

  • Fix incorrect pushdown of expression below join.