Insights overview#

The Starburst Enterprise web UI includes Insights. When enabled, Insights provides a visual analysis of important metrics about your cluster for all types of users, from platform administrators to data consumers.


The Insights Overview tab shows the following useful metrics about SEP:

  • The Queries chart shows the absolute number of run, queued and failed queries in the last 30 minutes.

  • The CPU usage chart shows the CPU usage of the operating system and the Java processes running SEP aggregated for all cluster nodes for the last 30 minutes.

  • The Top users chart shows the most active users by used CPU time, or by processed queries, for all time captured.

  • The Workers section displays a diagram of the number running workers, and a table that lists details about all active workers in the cluster.

    The Workers diagram also displays the following metrics:

    • Workers running

    • Workers processors

    • Workers heap size

    • Last cluster scaling

    The Workers table displays the following attributes:

    • Node ID

    • Internal address

    • Heap memory usage

    • Query memory usage

    • CPU usage for process and system

    • Processors

    • Uptime

The Starburst Enterprise web UI left-hand navigation bar includes the following Insights pages:

Next steps#

To enable Insights in the Starburst Enterprise web UI, see Insights configuration.