Insights query overview#

The query overview tab is accessed in Insights by clicking on Query Overview in the left-hand navigation.

Insights query overview provides information about running, queued, completed, and failed queries processed on the SEP cluster.


Insights provides filters that allow you to choose what data is displayed:

Query overview filters

These filters are defined at the top of the page. Query attributes can be combined in a single filter with a logical AND. The following attributes are available for use as filters:

  • After date

  • Before date

  • Query text

  • User

  • User group

  • Query ID

  • Status

  • Catalog

  • Schema

Queries table#

The table of queries, located beneath the filters, includes the following columns:

  • Status

  • Query ID

  • Query text

  • User

  • Create date

  • CPU time

  • Elapsed time

  • Resource group ID

Clicking Query ID allows you to access further query details.

Clicking Edit in query editor for the query text takes you to the Starburst Enterprise query editor overview, where you can edit the query as needed, and run it.

Completed queries report#

A report detailing completed queries is accessed using the Reports button on the right.


Reports do not include data about running and queued queries.

The Reports pane includes the following charts:

  • Queries over time

  • Top 5 users by CPU time or queries

  • Top 5 users by data read or written

  • Top 5 sources by CPU time or queries

  • Top 5 sources by data read or written

  • Top 5 tables by data read or written

  • Top 5 clients by number of queries

Completed queries report