Create a catalog#

A catalog is the configuration that enables access to a specific data source.

Get started#

To create any catalog in Starburst Enterprise you need to have a valid license and a connected data source using a supported connector.

How it works#

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) supports the following metastores:

  • Hive (HMS)

  • AWS Glue

In the catalog configuration file for an object storage system, you must add configuration properties that describe how to connect to the metastore for that system. For each catalog that connects to object storage, each catalog configuration file must have the metastores configuration properties.

The following example configuration properties are for an Iceberg catalog that connects to a Hive metastore with the Thrift protocol:

Next steps#

For specific connector configuration properties see the full list of supported object storage connectors.

In addition, Starburst Enterprise supports multiple non-object storage data sources. For a full list of supported connectors see the non-object storage connectors page.