Try your first query#

Starburst Enterprise’s query editor allows you to author queries using SQL.

Access the query editor from the navigation:

Query > Query editor.

If the navigation is not currently visible, click the ☰ button to restore it.

Here is an example of a simple query to try:

SELECT name FROM tpch.tiny.nation ORDER BY name LIMIT 5;

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) supports access to object-based storage, relational, and non-relational database management systems. When you are ready, you can query data from your own data source.

View the full list of supported connectors on the Connector overview page.

Federate multiple data sources#

Starburst Enterprise’s many uses is as an interactive query engine to federate multiple data sources together. With the ability to query both workloads, Starburst Enterprise becomes a single point of access and allows you to access your data wherever it lives.

For an example on querying data from multiple data sources, go to the Query data with Starburst page.