Release 387 (22 Jun 2022)#


  • Add support for query parameters in table function arguments. (#12910)

  • Update minimum required Java version to 11.0.15. (#12841)

  • Fix incorrect result for to_iso8601() when the timestamp is in the daylight savings transition region. (#11619)


  • Fix query history not being stored when a query starts with whitespace. (#12847)

Delta Lake connector#

  • Record table size when analyzing a table. (#12814)

  • Enable the optimized Parquet writer by default. This can be disabled via the parquet.experimental-optimized-writer.enabled configuration property. (#12757)

  • Disallow adding a new column to a table that has been written with an unsupported writer. (#12883)

Hive connector#

  • Add support for ORC bloom filters on varchar columns. (#11757)

Iceberg connector#

  • Allow OPTIMIZE on a table partitioned on a timestamp with time zone column when using CAST(timestamp_col AS date) >= DATE '...' syntax. (#12362)

  • Allow OPTIMIZE with a predicate on a table that does not have identity partitioning. (#12795)

  • Improve performance of DELETE when deleting whole partitions from a table that does not have identity partitioning. (#7905)

  • Fix incorrect results when a query contains a filter on a UUID column. (#12834)

  • Fail queries that attempt to modify old snapshots. (#12860)

  • Deprecate using synthetic @-based syntax for Iceberg snapshot access in favor of the AS OF syntax. The old behavior can be restored by setting the allow_legacy_snapshot_syntax session property or iceberg.allow-legacy-snapshot-syntax configuration property. (#10768)

Kudu connector#

  • Fix failure when inserting into a table with a row_uuid column. (#12915)

Pinot connector#

  • Add support for querying Pinot via the gRPC endpoint. (#9296)

Redis connector#

  • Add support for predicate pushdown on columns of type string. (#12218)


  • Add information about query retry policy to QueryCompletedEvent and QueryCreatedEvent. (#12898)