Release 400 (13 Oct 2022)#


  • Add output buffer utilization to EXPLAIN ANALYZE VERBOSE. (#14396)

  • Increase concurrency for large clusters. (#14395)

  • Fix JSON serialization failure for QueryCompletedEvent in event listener. (#14604)

  • Fix occasional maximum pending connection acquisitions exceeded failure when fault-tolerant execution is enabled. (#14580)

  • Fix incorrect results when calling the round function on large real and double values. (#14613)

  • Fix query failure when using the merge(qdigest) function. (#14616)

BigQuery connector#

Delta Lake connector#

  • Prevent coordinator out-of-memory failure when querying a large number of tables in a short period of time. (#14571)

Hive connector#

  • Reduce memory usage when scanning a large number of partitions, and add the hive.max-partitions-for-eager-load configuration property to manage the number of partitions that can be loaded into memory. (#14225)

  • Increase the default value of the hive.max-partitions-per-scan configuration property to 1000000 from 100000. (#14225)

  • Utilize the hive.metastore.thrift.delete-files-on-drop configuration property when dropping partitions and tables. Previously, it was only used when dropping tables. (#13545)

Hudi connector#

  • Hide Hive system schemas. (#14510)

Iceberg connector#

  • Reduce query latency when querying tables with a large number of files. (#14504)

  • Prevent table corruption when changing a table fails due to an inability to release the table lock from the Hive metastore. (#14386)

  • Fix query failure when reading from a table with a leading double slash in the metadata location. (#14299)

Pinot connector#

  • Add support for the Pinot proxy for controller/broker and server gRPC requests. (#13015)

  • Update minimum required version to 0.10.0. (#14090)

SQL Server connector#

  • Allow renaming column names containing special characters. (#14272)


  • Add ConnectorAccessControl.checkCanGrantExecuteFunctionPrivilege overload which must be implemented to allow views that use table functions. (#13944)