Release 403 (15 Nov 2022)#


  • Include the amount of data read from external sources in the output of EXPLAIN ANALYZE. (#14907)

  • Improve performance of worker-to-worker data transfer encryption when fault-tolerant execution is enabled. (#14941)

  • Improve performance of aggregations when input data does not contain nulls. (#14567)

  • Fix potential failure when clients do not support variable precision temporal types. (#14950)

  • Fix query deadlock in multi-join queries where broadcast join size is underestimated. (#14948)

  • Fix incorrect results when min(x, n) or max(x, n) is used as a window function. (#14886)

  • Fix failure for certain queries involving joins over partitioned tables. (#14317)

  • Fix incorrect order of parameters in DESCRIBE INPUT when they appear in a WITH clause. (#14738)

  • Fix failure for queries involving BETWEEN predicates over varchar columns that contain temporal data. (#14954)


  • Allow access token passthrough when using OAuth 2.0 authentication with refresh tokens enabled. (#14949)

BigQuery connector#

  • Improve performance of SHOW SCHEMAS by adding a metadata cache. This can be configured with the bigquery.metadata.cache-ttl catalog property, which is disabled by default. (#14729)

  • Fix failure when a row access policy returns an empty result. (#14760)

ClickHouse connector#

  • Add mapping for the ClickHouse DateTime(timezone) type to the Trino timestamp(0) with time zone type for read-only operations. (#13541)

Delta Lake connector#

  • Fix statistics for DATE columns. (#15005)

Hive connector#

  • Avoid showing the unsupported AUTHORIZATION ROLE property in the result of SHOW CREATE SCHEMA when the access control doesn’t support roles. (#8817)

Iceberg connector#

  • Improve performance and storage requirements when running the expire_snapshots table procedure on S3-compatible storage. (#14434)

  • Allow registering existing table files in the metastore with the new register_table procedure. (#13552)

MongoDB connector#

  • Add support for DELETE. (#14864)

  • Fix incorrect results when predicates over varchar and char columns are pushed into the connector and MongoDB collections have a collation specified. (#14900)

SQL Server connector#

  • Fix incorrect results when non-transactional INSERT is disabled and bulk INSERT is enabled. (#14856)


  • Enhance ConnectorTableLayout to allow the connector to specify that multiple writers per partition are allowed. (#14956)

  • Remove deprecated methods from ConnectorPageSinkProvider. (#14959)