Release 398-e STS (04 Oct 2022)#

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) 398-e is the follow up release to the 397-e version. It includes all improvements from the following Trino project releases:

This release is a short term support (STS) release.


  • Fix issue on the Query details page where Cluster resources charts without data did not provide an error message.

Data products#

  • Fix issue with validation that allowed multiple datasets within a data product to share the same name.


  • Allow SHOW SCHEMAS queries against information_schema when using AWS Lake Formation access control, with filtered results showing which schemas are available to a user based on the access control rules.

  • Fix issue that required a dedicated policy for the system.metadata schema in order to avoid an access denied error in the query editor.

SAP HANA connector#

  • Fix incorrect query results when the query has a predicate on a decimal type column.