Okta authentication#

Okta can be used for password authentication for accessing Trino via HTTPS, including usage of the Starburst Enterprise web UI and Trino web UI as well as the JDBC driver and any other users of the API.


Okta authentication requires a valid Starburst Enterprise license.

Similar to the LDAP authentication or the password file authentication, you need to enable PASSWORD authentication for the HTTP/HTTPS server in etc/config.properties:


Okta authentication is very similar to LDAP authentication. See the LDAP documentation for generic instructions on configuring the server and clients to use TLS and authenticate with a username and password.

In addition, you need to specify the authenticator okta and add the Okta account URL in etc/password-authenticator.properties.

If Okta multi-factor authentication (MFA) is configured, users have to confirm authentication with it. One time codes are not supported.


Further configuration properties are optional.

Okta authenticator configuration properties#

Property name



Connection timeout for Okta HTTP calls. Default is 30s.


Read timeout for Okta HTTP calls. Default is 30s.


Write timeout for Okta HTTP calls. Default is 30s.


The URL to your Okta account, typically https://your_okta_account_name.okta.com


Time window for the Okta authenticator to refresh the Okta session token before it expires. Default is 10s.