Cluster sizing in Starburst Galaxy

Cast: Tom Nats

Video date: February 24, 2022

Running time:

Abstract: You can create a Starburst Galaxy cluster of any size and change its size based on your current needs. Learn about your options and the best practice for sizing your Starburst Galaxy cluster.

Product: Starburst Galaxy


In Starburst Galaxy a cluster provides the resources to run queries against data catalogs. Creating and managing clusters is an essential task for a Starburst Galaxy platform administrator.

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  • Welcome - 0:00
  • Clusters - 0:13
  • Cluster credits - 1:36
  • Choosing the right cluster - 2:14
  • Cluster performance example - 4:03
  • Cluster performance example - 5:51
  • Galaxy cluster sizing recap - 6:48