Alation #

Requirements #

To connect Alation to your cluster, you must meet the following requirements for Alation and either Starburst Galaxy, Starburst Enterprise, or Trino:


  • Alation 2021.1 or newer, or Alation Cloud


  • Starburst Galaxy
  • Starburst Enterprise 354-e STS or newer
  • Trino 351 or newer

Connection #

You can connect Alation to your cluster using the Alation’s Custom DB connector. This method supports metadata extraction, data sampling, and query log ingestion. Lineage is automatically generated with each method for INSERT INTO and CREATE TABLE AS statements, but is not generated for CREATE VIEW AS statements.

The Presto on Hive connector developed by Alation is limited and only supports Hive-based data sources. This connection method is not recommended.