MicroStrategy #

Requirements #

You must meet the following requirements to connect to MicroStrategy’s Starburst data gateway.


  • MicroStrategy Workstation 11.3.7 or newer, or MicroStrategy Cloud.
  • Credentials of a user with write access.


  • Starburst Galaxy.
  • Starburst Enterprise 354-e STS or newer.
  • Trino 351 or newer.

Connection #

You can find instructions for connecting to MicroStrategy Workstation and MicroStrategy Cloud (sometimes referred to as MicroStrategy Web) in the MicroStrategy documentation.

When connecting to MicroStrategy:

  • You must specify a catalog and a schema during the initial configuration so MicroStrategy has a location to write temporary tables to in support of its interactions with Starburst Galaxy, Starburst Enterprise, and Trino. The user’s access is not limited to the catalog and schema specified during the initial configuration.
  • Ensure that the catalog and schema specified during the initial configuration support write ability.