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  • Usage and billing #

    The Usage and billing pane allows you to manage billing and payments details and view statistical information about the usage of your Starburst Galaxy clusters.

    Usage #

    The Usage tab displays charts and tables that detail information about the usage of the selected clusters.

    Usage statistics for all clusters over the last month are shown by default. You can narrow the details shown by selecting individual clusters and/or by changing the date range in the Clusters and Date drop-down menus.

    The Cost details chart displays the usage costs of the selected cluster in dollar amounts for the chosen date range.

    Click Download to download your cluster usage data as a CSV file.

    Image of the usage tab in usage and billing

    The Summary per cluster table shows the following columns:

    • Cluster: Name of the cluster. Click the column heading to sort in ascending or descending order..
    • Worker uptime: Total running time of all worker nodes in the cluster.
    • Total cost: Total cost of usage.

    Usage entries per page shows if there are more than five rows in the list. This control allows you to specify a different number of rows per screen page.

    You can view usage entries for a cluster by expanding the rows. Usage entries provide a breakdown of cluster usage and the total cost of usage by date.

    Image of the summary per cluster table in usage and billing

    Billing #

    The Billing tab lets you view your current and recent account balances, and manage invoices and payment details.

    The available billing options, Direct billing and Marketplace billing, differ in the following ways:

    • Direct billing: Starburst sends you a separate monthly bill for your Starburst Galaxy usage.

      Click Direct billing, then click Add credit card. In the Add new card dialog, enter your credit card details, then click Add card. Your credit card information is now displayed in Payment details along with an option to remove your credit card.

      You cannot disable direct billing or remove an active payment method if:

      • Your account carries an invoice balance.
      • Charges are pending.
      • There is no secondary payment method set up.

    • Marketplace billing: Your preferred cloud provider charges you for your Starburst Galaxy usage.

    All charges are based on consumption and are displayed in US dollars.

    Image of the billing tab in usage and billing

    Invoices #

    The Invoices table displays all invoices by month and year and shows the following columns:

    • Invoice date: Date of the end of the billing cycle. Click the column heading to sort in ascending or descending order.
    • Status: Invoice stage.
      • An invoice in Draft status is newly created and is continuously updated to show accrued charges in the current billing period.
      • An invoice reaches Finalized status when the billing period ends and payment is ready for collection.
    • Total due: Amount due according to usage, shown in US dollars.

    Use the Date drop-down menu to select between All available data and Last 3 months.

    Image of the invoices table in usage and billing