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  • Partner connect #

    Partner connect is a compilation of business intelligence and data integration tools from Starburst partners that connect directly to Starburst Galaxy clusters.

    Connect Galaxy clusters with the following drivers and client tools from Starburst, Trino, and our partners:

    Business intelligence Data integration Data lake Data science Drivers and clients
    Looker Studio


    Microsoft Power BI

    Amazon QuickSight



    Zing Data
    dbt Tabular Hex Ibis


    Starburst ODBC

    Trino CLI

    Trino JDBC

    Trino Python

    You can access the current collection of clients and drivers in two ways:

    • Click Partner connect in the navigation menu.

    • Click Admin > Clusters, then click a cluster name. Click Partner connect in the top row.

    Connect to a partner #

    The header organizes Starburst Galaxy partners by category. Click a category name to view associated tools.

    Click the tile for the client tool or driver of interest. This opens a dialog showing the connection details you need, customized for your current Galaxy login name and account URL.

    Copy those fields into the connection dialog of your client tool.

    Select cluster

    If you opened your client tile by way of the Admin > Clusters menu, this field shows the current cluster pre-selected. Otherwise, select the cluster of interest from the drop-down menu.

    Connect to partner

    In some client tiles, this button opens the login window of the selected client in a new browser tab.

    Download connection file

    In some client tiles, this button downloads a client-specific connection file, the use of which is client specific. For example, for Tableau, you can double-click to run the connection file, which opens an installed and licensed Tableau Desktop instance, and installs a connection to Starburst Galaxy.


    Your current Galaxy username and role.


    Your Galaxy account’s connection URL.


    Your Galaxy account’s connection port.

    If your preferred client is not listed, you can still connect to a Galaxy cluster using the Connection info dialog. Expand the dialog, then copy and paste the required connection details.