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  • Generate SQL from text #

    The query editor allows you to generate SQL statements using natural language.

    This feature uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology. To use this technology, your current role must have the Generative AI features account-level privilege. These features are not employed by default.

    For more information, see the OpenAI documentation.

    To create a SQL statement from text, go to the query editor by clicking Query > Query editor in the navigation menu, and complete these steps:

    1. In the cluster explorer pane of the query editor, select Generate SQL for this data from themore_vertoptions menu next to the name of a schema or view.
    2. In the Generate SQL from text panel, your schema or table selection appears in the Scope field. Expand the field to select a different catalog, schema, or table.
    3. In the empty field, enter a question or request that pertains to the schema or table, then click Generate SQL.
    4. Click Insert into editor to paste the generated SQL statement into the query editor.
    5. Click the ▶ Run button to run the SQL statement.

    Generate SQL from text

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