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  • Create a relational database catalog #

    This page provides an overview of a PostreSQL catalog creation.

    The steps described here apply to many RDBMs catalogs available in Starburst Galaxy.

    1. Select a cloud provider, either AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure.
    2. Provide a name for your catalog and a meaningful description.
    3. Configure the connection to your database. PostgreSQL is one of many databases with compatible database deployments on Amazon, Azure, and Google Cloud. Fulfill the requirements for the specified deployment option. For example, if Azure is your cloud provider, provide the details for Azure database configuration.
    4. Confirm that you have access to your data with a single button click.
    5. Configure read and write permissions for the catalog.
    6. Add your catalog to an existing cluster or create a new cluster.

    Your data is now ready to query using the query editor and SQL.

    Next steps #