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  • Materialized views #

    Starburst Galaxy supports the creation of materialized views for any object storage catalog. The materialized view always uses the Iceberg table format even for views of data in other table formats. Materialized views increase query performance by providing pre-computed results from complex, analytical queries.

    Create a materialized view #

    Any federated query that runs successfully in Starburst Galaxy can be used to create a materialized view in an object storage data source. Materialized views in Galaxy are created in the same way as in other data platforms, with a CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW statement:

    CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW salescatalog.salesschema.mv_cust_tot_return AS
          sr_customer_sk ctr_customer_sk,
          sr_store_sk ctr_store_sk,
          sum(sr_return_amt) ctr_total_return
        WHERE ( (sr_returned_date_sk = d_date_sk) AND (d_year > 2000) )
        GROUP BY sr_customer_sk, sr_store_sk

    Once a materialized view exists, you can query it like any regular table:

    SELECT * FROM mycatalog.mysalesschema.mv_cust_tot_return;

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