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  • Query result caching #

    Query result caching is an industry standard mechanism used to accelerate query execution. When a query is executed, the result is cached for a specified period of time. By caching the results of queries, Starburst Galaxy can rely on pre-computed results and can avoid unnecessarily processing queries if the results can be read from the cache. Retrieving a result directly from the cache substantially reduces query time.

    For clusters created in AWS regions only, query result caching is enabled by default when you create a new cluster and select an AWS region.

    In Starburst Galaxy, specify query result caching by selecting Cache query results for improved query performance in the Create cluster or Edit cluster dialogs.

    Additionally, set a duration for Cache reuse period by entering an integer and selecting Minutes or Hours from the drop-down menu. The cache reuse period must be between 5 minutes and 12 hours, inclusive. Run a query to cache its results. There is a 1MB size limit for cached results.

    For all subsequent runs of the same query on the same cluster within the cache reuse period, Galaxy fetches the cached results of the original query. Cached results are static and do not update dynamically based on changes in the source data.

    Result set caching toggle

    The query history pane includes a Cached results column that shows a circled checkmark for queries run on a cluster that has result set caching enabled.