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  • Federate queries from different sources #

    A Starburst Galaxy cluster can include different data sources in the same cluster. This allows you to write queries that join data from data sources of different types in different locations.

    Write federation queries #

    To federate data in Starburst Galaxy, connect to each data source, then join tables from those different data sources in the same manner you join tables from the same data source.

    The following sample combines data from two separate sources in a single query. One data source is an Amazon S3 catalog named mysalesdata. The other data source is a MySQL catalog:

    SELECT c.first_name, c.last_name, c.estimated_income,
           a.products, a.cc_number, a.mortgage_id
    FROM mysalesdata.burst_bank.customer c
    JOIN mysql.burst_bank.account a on a.custkey = c.custkey;

    Using fully-qualified object names is critical when querying from multiple sources. That is, specify the full path to a table or view, including its containing catalog and schema names, in the FROM and JOIN clauses of your statement.


    Learn more #

    See our additional resources on query federation: